Terms & conditions


Note:  These conditions apply to all bookings.

If you make a booking online without first checking with this office, we cannot guarantee availability until we receive confirmation from the hotel.  On the rare occasion that there is no availability in your chosen accommodation we can discuss suitable alternatives, or a full refund will be made.  If you choose alternative accommodation then extra costs may be incurred.

A deposit/full payment must be paid to Sunny Escapes LTD to secure a booking.  Please check carefully that the confirmed arrangements have been correctly booked as our booking conditions now apply and any cancellations/amendments may incur charges.

Please note that all special requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.  These must be requested at time of booking as any made thereafter may incur an amendment fee.

Sunny Escapes LTD acts as a booking agent for the hotels and other accommodation, making booking contracts between you and the hotel as requested by yourself.  Our fee for making such contracts, for providing information, advice and help in choosing the property, is included in the overall price quoted.  We cannot be held responsible for any recommendations we may make that do not ultimately suit your requirements.

1. Your deposit/full payment – Your booking must be accompanied by the deposit or full payment.  If your booking is extended, a further sum will be required.  In the event of you changing or cancelling part or all of your holiday please refer to the Cancellation charges below. The person who makes the booking does so on behalf of all persons named therein and binds them to these conditions.  We will then reserve your booking and send you a copy of this confirmation.  Balance of the invoice will be due 8 weeks before commencement of the holiday.  In the event of a booking made within 8 weeks of the date of departure, the full balance must be paid on booking.

2. Exchange Rate/VAT/Service Charge Fluctuations   If our costs increase by way of adverse exchange rates or changes in VAT rates or fees payable, we reserve the right to pass this on to our clients as a surcharge.  Increases will only apply to balances outstanding.  You will be sent notification in writing of any increases.

3. Payment by Credit/Debit card   We accept Visa and Mastercard for payment. We do not accept American Express.

4. Cancellation by you – Should you or any member of your party cancel your booking once it has been confirmed, the person making the booking must give notification in writing to us.  If you cancel and the written cancellation advice is received by us more than 60 days before the date of departure, the deposit only will be forfeited.  Cancellation within 60 days of departure will incur the following scale of charges:

Cancellation charges
Deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances
Season Notice given to SE Refund on cancellation





60 days or more date of departure


31 – 60 days before date of departure


31 days – departure date



Loss of Deposit


50% of  accommodation costs



No refund






45 days – 60 days prior to departure


60 days – date of departure



50% of accommodation costs.


No refund


Christmas/New Year


90 days – date of departure



No refund

5. Cancellation or change of your booking by us – In very rare circumstances, we may have to, and reserve the right to, cancel or alter at any time the whole or part of your booking.  We will make every effort to offer comparable alternative arrangements. “Comparable alternative arrangements” shall mean a house, apartment or other facilities where the rates charged and provided are approximately the same as those charged and provided for the accommodation or other facilities originally booked and which offer a similar standard.  Should we be unable to offer you comparable alternative arrangements, our only obligation is to refund any monies you have paid for the accommodation facilities only (to include the deposit) if the change/cancellation is made prior to departure date, or a pro rata proportion thereof if the change/cancellation is made by us after the departure date.  Changes made by the client may be subject to an administration charge.

Errors and Omissions Excepted

6. Liability – We are under no liability to provide alternative accommodation (comparable or otherwise) or a refund when failure or cancellation of bookings, or dissatisfaction, is due to the acts or omissions of persons over whom we have no control.  All information concerning the accuracy of descriptions is thoroughly checked and believed to be correct at the time of going to press but it is possible that a facility may be withdrawn or changed without notice and in circumstances beyond our control.  Please contact Sunny Escapes LTD during your stay if you have a dispute so that we may give all reasonable assistance.

Nor does Sunny Escapes LTD accept liability for negligence, damage or accident to members of your party, including loss of personal belongings, if using public transport, taxis, tour excursions, sporting activities (including watersports), or any other activities in which you or members of your party engage and has organised directly with another party with whom Sunny Escapes LTD has no involvement.  Sunny Escapes LTD shall not accept any responsibility for the clients’ personal effects during the rental period or at any time thereafter whether they are left under locked conditions or deposited in a safe.

7.  Complaints – We fully expect you to be very happy with the accommodation and amenities provided. However if you feel you have reason to complain you must immediately contact the local Hotel Manager or Customer Services Department personally, by phone or in writing, so that the problem can be resolved. Do contact Sunny Escapes LTD during your stay so that we may offer any reasonable assistance. We are not responsible for any matter that you did not bring to our attention during your holiday. If the problem is not resolved locally to your satisfaction, then you must put your complaint in writing within 7 days of your return date. In the unlikely event of a client or guest of the client contracting an illness or suffering an accident in a villa, restaurant, apartment or hotel suggested by Sunny Escapes LTD, Sunny Escapes LTD cannot accept any responsibility for the negligence of the catering, waiting or ancillary staff employed by that villa, hotel or restaurant in any capacity.

7. Force Majeure – Sunny Escapes LTD cannot accept liability in the event of force majeure or other circumstances outside the direct control of Sunny Escapes LTD and in particular (but without prejudice to the generality of the above) where failure or cancellation is due to changes caused by reason of war, of threat of war, riots, civil commotion, strikes, terrorist activities, flooding, fire or any other disaster.

8. Care and consideration – It is essential that you ensure that all reasonable care and consideration is taken with regard to your accommodation and that any damage or breakages caused by yourself, members of your party or anyone who is invited by yourself and your party into the premises is paid for by yourself..  It is advisable that you settle the cost of any damages with the hotel before departure from your accommodation.

9.  Only persons named on the booking form may occupy the accommodation.

(Villa Bookings only) The accommodation may not be used for any purpose other than that of private holiday residence.  The client shall not sub let or assign his rental of the accommodation. The name of the managing agent will be sent to you on receipt of the total cost of your holiday.

10. Travel insurance – It is ESSENTIAL that every member of the party has full and adequate travel insurance (covering the full extent of the booking) before date of travel.

11.  Passports and other documents – It is your responsibility to see that all visas, passports and other travel documents are valid and in order.  If you intend to hire a vehicle, it is necessary for you to produce a full and valid U.K. licence at the point of hire and purchase a local driver’s licence.

12.  Vaccinations – Whilst at the time of writing no vaccinations are required by U.K. residents to visit the Caribbean and our other destinations, we would suggest that you ask for up-to-date information from your doctor.  There may be circumstances where travel health precautions may be applicable and it is each traveller’s responsibility to ensure they take all reasonable precautions.

16.  Law – The client’s contract with Sunny Escapes Ltd  is governed by English Law.

Errors and Omissions Excepted

Safety Information


Swimming pools, plunge pools and the sea   Most hotels and ALL villas and apartments are unlikely to have lifeguards by their pools.  It is therefore essential that all children are properly supervised by an adult when in or near water.  Both children and nervous adults should only be allowed in a pool or the sea with a competent adult swimmer, and it is recommended that they wear armbands, or some other form of safety apparatus.  It is not recommended to take inflatables or beach balls into the pools or sea.  Diving (unless from a supervised diving platform), jumping, running or any form of rough play should not be allowed near or in the water and extra care should be taken where there are hidden rocks or coral.  The seas around the Caribbean have some unexpected currents, so do not go beyond your depth.  Do not venture out too far on jet skis as off-shore currents can be very strong in the event of engine failure.

Please do not run or play on patios or tiles around swimming pools as these can be very slippery when wet.

Jacuzzis   Children under the age of 14 years and pregnant women should not use Jacuzzis, as the high water pressure from the jets can be harmful.

Roads and driving   Please exercise caution when near or crossing roads, particularly if you are in a country where they drive on the opposite side of the road to ourselves.  This can also cause problems on roundabouts.  In particular, children should be fully supervised.  If hiring a car, it is now law in most countries that everybody should be strapped into the seats.

Beach Vendors   Expect to be offered a variety of wares by beach vendors.  Usually a simple “no thanks” will send them on their way.  If you do decide to buy, sharp bargaining is usual from both sides!

Crime   Don’t invite trouble by taking to or leaving valuables unattended on the beach or in plain sight in your room AND DON’T PICK UP HITCHHIKERS OR INVITE PEOPLE BACK WHOM YOU MEET ON THE BEACH.

Safes Always use the safe in your hotel room, apartment or villa.

Insects   They are not much of a problem, but if you are vulnerable, or are planning to take a country walk or hike, bring along a good repellent.  It is advisable to use it at dusk or near water. We particularly recommend use of insect repellent for infants and children.

Toxic Tree   The manchineel tree has little green apples that may look tempting, but are extremely poisonous to eat and toxic to touch.  Even taking shelter under the tree when it rains can give you blisters.  Most manchineel trees are identified by a sign or red paint around the trunk.  If you do come into contact with one, see a doctor.  (This tree is mainly found in Barbados).

Sunburn and Sunstroke   The sun is strong in the Caribbean – heed all precautions about sunbathing and use high factor lotions, sun-block, hats and long-sleeve shirts.  Drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids.

Scuba Divers   PADI recommends that you do not scuba dive and fly within a 24-hour period.

Please reserve your swimwear for the beach.

Do not wear camouflage.  Any form of camouflage is not allowed to be worn whilst in the Caribbean.

Drugs   All illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in the Caribbean.  There is a zero tolerance policy on the use and trafficking of illegal drugs.  If convicted of an offence, the crime is punishable by a hefty fine, imprisonment or both.

Hurricanes   As travellers to the Caribbean you must be aware that hurricane season is between June and November, although this does vary depending upon the Island.  All hotels, villas and apartments will issue instructions on what to do in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane occurring during your holiday.  However, we have full information that we can send you on request.

FOREIGN OFFICE WEBSITE: We recommend that you refer to this for answers to any queries you may have. www.fco.gov.uk