Group Hotel Bookings at Palace Resorts

Wedding Parties, Social Groups, Family Celebrations and more

Palace Resorts Wedding and Group Booking Specialist.

It can be hard to secure a lot of rooms at a favourable rate, particularly if you are booking far in advance.

We can help negotiate a good rate for you to secure your rooms, we can quote to you in £GBP Sterling or $US Dollars

We may even be able to get you some extra benefits: FREE ROOMS, FREE UPGRADES, PRIVATE PARTIES etc……..

All you have to do is ask.

If you are considering any destination wedding parties, far-flung social gatherings, exotic family celebrations, work conferences, company team-building events and more.., contact us and we can help.

Palace Resorts are the perfect choice for multi-generational celebrations including weddings, vow renewals and anniversary celebrations;  or simply a great way to have a fantastic holiday with your extended family.

Palace Resorts cater equally well to adults and children, so everyone will be happy at one of their fine establishments! Palace Resorts also offer a number of adult-only resorts

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