Hotels in the Caribbean for Large Families

Are you looking for hotels in the Caribbean offering sensible room options for larger than average families?

We speak to a lot of people who struggle to find hotels suitable for families with more than two children, in the Caribbean and Mexico.

It’s clearly quite challenging to find rooms if you have more than two children (particularly small children) when you don’t feel comfortable for them to sleep in their own room. Or perhaps you would like the privacy of another room, with the security of adjoining or connecting rooms.

Many hotels won’t guarantee connecting or adjacent rooms when booking a room, which makes choosing a hotel very tricky. Most hotels will tell you that you will need two rooms with an adult in each room, but seriously who wants that on their holiday?

The good news is some hotels have realised that it’s worth offering flexible room arrangements:

1) With rooms that have a bedroom and adjoining lounge featuring sofa beds for the kids to sleep on.

2) With two, three and even four bedroom apartment or villa accommodations (some with all inclusive options)

3) Guaranteed adjoining rooms that can be connected with internal doors.

All of these solutions are both good for a bit of adult privacy, with the added bonus that your little treasures are close enough so you know they aren’t causing too much mischief!

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